06-11-2022 New Book Promotion Strategy
By Ophelia Kee - 30 July 2022

New Book Promotion Strategy

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Book Promotion Strategy


I have limited time to spend on Book Promotion. I never had as much time as I wanted and with my new job, I'll have even less time than before. So that means that whatever I do in that realm needs to be seriously effective. Otherwise, I'll likely get burned out rather quickly. As with all authors, what I want to do is write. That's the fun part. Publishing is exciting. Marketing is just confusing and mostly a time trap.


I can't say this is for everyone, but I want to point out a few things that matter. First, I don't care for social media except that it's a way to connect with readers. Having said that, some social media simply doesn't work well for me. I prefer Twitter at this stage in my author's walk simply because I can see that it does generate traffic to my website. So you'll find me there more than anywhere else. My other social media sites will remain open and I'll occasionally post to them. Look for faster interaction however by commenting on a blog or vlog or messaging me via Twitter or email.


YouTube posts have a shelf life of about three months which is far longer than all of the other social media sites (less than a day. most only a few minutes or a few hours). Blog posts have a shelf life of two years. (Credit to Carol Michel. I don't just make this stuff up.) So if I'm going to put time into something outside of my books, blogs and YouTube will be what get my attention.


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I want to be able to give the most to those who have specifically asked for it. So those who have signed up for my newsletters should get the latest information directly in their inbox. (Thank you, Subscribers. You are awesome!) I don't have time to craft elaborate newsletters and separate blogs. So the blogs serve double duty by being the basis of the longer more informative newsletters. (Subscribers get extras like coupon codes for discounts, advanced notice of sales, opportunities to read the WIP, and exclusive freebies just in case you thought it wasn't worth it.)


Newsletters are for dedicated readers who have an interest in following the behind-the-scenes of Draoithe, Ophelia Kee, and the dream. I know that they took the time to sign up and want the content so I want to cater to them first. Their opinions matter more than others because they support the dream.


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Vlogs are important because they're another outlet for the stories and the behind-the-scenes stuff. I can post the blogs and the condensed research on Youtube. People can listen while they do other things and still get to step into the dream with me. They also feed to Blogger which sends the vlog to Amazon. So around and around it goes.


AI audiobooks by chapter are slowly being posted along with the book trailers. I love comments and suggestions. If you haven't visited the Ophelia Kee channel, head over and take a look. Subscribe and enjoy the videos. Leave a comment and let me know what you liked. Needless to say that eventually, these two venues might also become streams of revenue if I built a large enough readership or viewership. You can't blame an indie author for trying.


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I found this super cool image and am toying with the idea of using it for the cover of Scimitar Warrior. I could use some feedback. The working cover is more like a black jaguar. This image is just so incredibly surreal. It has a dragon and an eagle in it which are also in the book. I am not sure that I could get all of it on the cover. Still, this is super cool to me. Would this work?


Scimitar Warrior is now up to 12,894 words. Things took a strange turn when I had to add a chapter (9). Jag started talking to Grey, the unicorn Master of the Horse at Eyrie Iolair. The unicorn stallion has a lot of knowledge about other immortals. So Jag spends time learning about the origins of the zmey and the dyrgja. It fills the reader in on some of the backstory, makes a connection to Tantalu, and allows Jag to understand the seriousness of the situation surrounding his abduction of Revna.


Review Card


***Update on the Author Ad Network promotion! Crickets again. I got nothing. I sold a book, but not the one I advertised. So rethinking that plan. (That's code for I ran out of money to fund any more paid newsletters at the moment.) I gotta run away and get some painting done. The beach trailer in Florida still needs a lot of work. So long as the money is here, I must make the best of things. Someday I will get back to my house in Texas. Until then, my time to get things done on my vacation is dwindling so I best get on it. As always, when you read, please be kind and leave a review.

Be Careful!

Happy Reading,

Ophelia Kee

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