New Release: Fractured - by Adam Matlow

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Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that my latest work - "Fractured" has been released and can currently be found on the Amazon and Google Play Books stores.

It's a sci-fi novella (approx 50k words) and was something that I wanted to write as an exercise in certain aspects of writing that I felt I needed to improve on - for example, character development.

The story is about a sixteen year old named Brin - who has lived his entire life in the only city he has ever known - "Arcadia".  The city is completely surrounded by an impassible wall, and the "Overseers" - the city's self-proclaimed protectors and lawmakers, make sure that nobody can ever leave.

Something in Brin make him want to try.


I'm still working on the follow up to my first book - "Dark Sentinel" and hope to have more news on that soon.


Stay safe everyone!


Adam Matlow

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Adam Matlow is an indie author, with delusions of grandeur. He's currently working the follow up to his first novel, "Dark Sentinel". He lives in England with his wife, two boys and multiple cat ... Read more

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