The World Changes At Night [short story]

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A new short story has just hit my website!

Every month I like to write and share a new fantasy short story, anywhere from a 3- to 15-minute read. It's a good opportunity to practice writing in various voices and perspectives, to overcome weaknesses, and to use ideas that won't work (or I have no intention of using) in full-scale books - all while still working on whatever large-scale project I have on my shoulders (most recently, finishing off a trilogy that has taken me far too many years).


This short was far more experimental; less a short story than an excerpt from a fake book of essays written in a fictional world.

The World Changes At Night

Excerpt from Professor Jaeger's 'Analysing Controversies and Speculation over the Oro-Empirical and Pre-Dansk Psychological Treatise; Death, Magic and Allies', published 1295, Leid Press.

Kim Wedlock

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