Valravne Researched
By Ophelia Kee - 26 July 2022

Valravne Researched

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Valravn Legend


This is the video result of research into the Danish myths/legends of the valravn in preparation for the writing of Fairytale Shadows and Shadow Master. These two tales are part of the steamy paranormal romance and urban fantasy Draoithe saga by Ophelia Kee.


Magnus Jakobsen is a valravn shadow master. He is an immortal valravn and the Grandmaster of the Black Shadow castle. his adoptive sons Alaric Dark and Elyas Night are mercenaries with a conscience. When they go missing, a fading old shadow mage finds everything and the dream magic adds more immortals to Draoithe to right the balance of magic. But where did the inspiration for valravn characters come from? Watch the video and Welcome to the dream...


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