A Word Fitly Spoken 30 Days of Encouragement

If you struggle to get through your day without feeling discouraged or can't find joy in your daily activities, there is hope for you. A Word Fitly Spoken 30 Days Of Encouragement offers daily inspiration with commentary drawn from spiritually uplifting and affirmative sayings. Each day's meditation will give you a fresh perspective on life's issues and help you to build a rich spiritual life. This book is perfect for the spiritual seeker, as well as the spiritually minded person looking for daily affirmations to inspire them along the journey of life.  

Some of the issues discussed in this book include the following:
-Experiencing emotional and mental peace and security
-How to deal with thoughts of fear and worry
-Being open to divine guidance
-Opening our minds and hearts to divine love
-Forgiveness for mistakes 
-Learning to connect with supernatural abundance and blessings 
-Understanding how to be open to divine blessings through prayer
And much more.

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