ABC Answers for Curious Humans: A Guide in Understanding Human Identity

Artist and art educator, Jill Emmer, has created a friendly, informative and artistically engaging book - comfortable to use when explaining gender identity, relationships and positive human attributes to adolescents and all humans. 

Each page, features one bright, graphic letter, A - Z, and a word that begins with that letter: (Example: A is for Ally, E is for Empathy, N is for Non-binary.) A concise and non-judgmental definition of the word is highlighted artistically. Also included on each page are more words starting with that letter that can help in starting conversation and making connection. 

It is dedicated to Jill's adult child and some incredible students, former and current, who struggle(d) with acceptance from others about their non-binary identity. It was written from the inside with true awareness of the subject. The book provides an opportunity for humans to understand choices, facts and terms as well as being reminded of what we all need to give and share with each other. (Ex: K is for Kindness, U is for Understanding.) It is an ideal resource for family, teachers, businesses, medical professionals, students and friends who need and want and should have - clear information about identity issues. We all need an ally.

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