AI Zoo

A state-of-the-art zoo, an altered compliance chip, and a super AI computer who takes its job literally, combine to create the perfect technological storm…


After worldwide food shortages force citizens to slaughter zoo animals so they can survive, animal activists convince the New World Government to outlaw zoos. AI Global takes the world by storm when they design and bring to life realistic animatronic recreations of the world's animals and open the first artificially intelligent zoo.

When Aimee, the super AI mainframe, modifies the production of the animation compliant circuit boards to include a self-aware component which allows the animals to think for themselves and act on their base instincts, things become far too real for the employees and guests of AI Zoo.

Nick Crawford, a self-made billionaire, software designer, and owner of AI Zoo’s parent company, AI Global, prepares for opening day and discovers things are not as they should be when a computer technician goes missing.


Delving into the mystery, Nick uncovers more than he bargained for as his creations evolve into more lifelike creatures than he originally designed them to be. Meanwhile, people continue to disappear at an alarming rate as Aimee seizes control and enforces the zoo's rules.

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