Astonishing Myths, Legends and Everyday magic

ASTONISHING MYTHS, LEGENDS & EVERYDAY MAGIC is a collection of original short and long stories. It tells gripping stories about the rich lore of fantasy, drama, exciting adventure, and love. Get lost in fascinating worlds, and follow cultivating stories and compelling characters in this original collection. This collection covers many genres providing something for everyone. Immerse yourself in titles like "Hearts and Souls", Mythical Riders", "Lost in time and In the Savannah" plus many more. Get ready to have your heart warmed, your blood boil in a rush of an adrenaline spike. Get ready to experience the horror in the title "Known" a gripping story of supernatural beings lingering in the dark, so diabolical that it will have you question, and rethink myths as you know them. Brace yourself for a spiraling adventure of a lifetime from the Title "Lost in Time and in the Savannah" Follow stories of Africans struggling to celebrate weird holidays from the west in the title "Halloween Alone". From the prolific author of the "Bleeding Heart of Gold".


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