Awkward Afterlife

This comedy adventure tells of a man who finds himself unexpectedly lifeless and arguing with his killer. Rather suddenly locked in a barren underworld, confused and confronted by his new surroundings, Jason goes in search of answers. Without the constraints of society, or a body, he finds himself freshly motivated. Their living hell has given him a confidence stolen in life and drives a need to learn why he was condemned. Regardless of all the adventure, sin and consequence, Jason forever upholds his sense of humor and a lighthearted approach to death, torment and the afterlife.

In a space beyond time, where every soul is forced to face themselves and their blunt existence, craving purpose, love and companionship, Jason and his guide explore their very own empty otherworld seeking some escape from their inevitable journey. In this dark realm Jason gathers a motley crew to explore, to live and to meet fate head-on. Throughout their grand tour of the sights and sounds of the netherworld, Jason’s dialogue driven approach to the souls around him finds psychopaths and saints alike. Ultimately, the trek through this hell sees friend and foe flock in a search for meaning, power and the devil himself.

This Merry Hell is a book with some hellarious consequences and its own literal plot hole. It is fun, frivolous and philosophic in equal measure!

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