In this eBook, you will discover the most amazing reveal ever! Secrets and information that we'd thought were lost in time are suddenly accessible in fine detail.
Through this, lost treasures can be located! Histories great and small can be revealed and clarified, and in a completely different vein, open a door of hope to people who suffer from inexplicable illness or Phobias!
There is also a comprehensive section on Past Lives and Regression Techniques.

What is the common denominator between hidden treasure, the true histories of people, phobias and inexplicable illnesses?

These things seem completely unrelated, but in these pages of Ray Harris'  'Breakthrough!' you will discover the link, and not only will it dazzle you, it will open a door of possibility that never existed before!

Enter this astounding world - allow Ray to take you on a journey of discovery like none other!

Find out how it is possible to discover the location of treasures, where thousands have failed.

Find out how to access the real history of anyone famous, or even your own, in as much detail as you like.

Find out that time travel is real, and possible!

For those who suffer from illnesses or maladies that doctors or psychiatrists cannot find the cause of and therefore cannot treat, Ray offers the incredible prospect of an answer and a miraculous treatment!

These discoveries, arising from Ray's many years of research, can even provide you with a lucrative career where you can become a pioneer in a brand new healing modality. This in itself is a career that is easily learned, and provides infinite stimulation and interest.

Visit the greatest library on earth, and enter the world of DNA in a way never before envisioned!

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