Bring Inner Greatness Out: Personal Brand

What is a personal brand? Can I build a personal brand? How does it help me? Why do movie actors, singers, TV anchors, and athletes earn millions of dollars? Could I be globally famous like them? Can I get better returns from my marketing? How do I become the best in the world? How do I grow my small business without spending a lot of money on advertising? How can I be better at marketing and branding? How can I use social media for marketing and sales? How can I publish and market my books independently and be paid more for my work? How do I publish audiobooks or narrate for others? How do I create multiple streams of income? Gain better job security? Create my own success? How can I prepare for and survive layoffs? How should I negotiate salary? How can I get fair pay? How do I prepare for job interviews? Write a good resume? Why am I the best candidate for this job? How can I justify my salary requirements? How can I be more effective at professional networking? How do I search for jobs that are not even advertised? Why are less qualified people always getting that job or promotion I wanted? What is my life purpose? How do I find it?

If any of these questions are swirling in your mind, this book has your answers. In one book, you get a completely new perspective to improve your life by building a valuable personal brand and gaining confidence, just as it has for countless others globally. Follow the easy step-by-step process and be amazed at the rapid results. Greatness is truly a choice. You do not need to be perfect; you need to perfect your uniqueness. Greatness is a choice, and it has no end. You can #RideTheRainbow forever!

This is the revised and expanded 2021 edition. This book will enable anyone in any field at any stage of their career to rise and stay at the top of their chosen field or passion and compete on the global stage.


Available in ebook, color hardcover, black and white paperback, and author narrated audiobook. Within USA signed print books can be ordered here:

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