Character Tool for Novelists

I built this guided notebook originally for my own use, to help me create, document, and track characters as I write my novels. It has space to help you imagine and document up to 12 three-dimensional characters, including:

* Names, nicknames, and aliases

* Family trees

* Major life milestones

* Physical features

* Dress/clothing styles

* Personality traits

* Skills, abilities, and talents

* Occupations and finances

* Possessions/properties

* Social identities

* Habits, tics, and pet peeves

* Interests and hobbies

* Conscious aspirations

* Unconscious needs

* Journeys

* Archetypes

* Thematic roles


My Character Tool for Novelists also includes workspaces to brainstorm and list all your novel's character names, making it easy to keep track of your characters as you dream them up (and to avoid using names that are too similar!)

My attention to character-building is a major reason that I recently won a first place Incipere award for my novel "Once Upon a Flarey Tale." Characters engage readers. They enrich plots. They make novels come alive.

I now use this tool for all my WIPs and boy do I love it :)

--> Get your creative juices flowing!

--> Build rich characters and that will come alive on the page!

--> Becomes your handy reference while you write (no more having to hunt the manuscript to remember a character's eye color!)

--> 5.5 x 8.5 inches, convenient to tuck into your purse or backpack

--> Price comparable to many blank softbound notebooks

--> Space for up to 12 characters!

--> Room on the spine for you to note the title of your WIP

Thanks for checking it out!

Available on Amazon:

P.S. Need space for more than 12 characters? My Character Tool for Novelists +15 (pink cover) is identical to this notebook (blue cover) except:it has space for 15 characters; it does NOT have the workspaces noted above for compiling lists of names. Thanks again!

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