Christmas Surprise

A Clean Enemies to Lovers Western Holiday Romance

Christmas is Margo’s favorite time of year. She goes over the top in decorating her apartment for the Holidays and has a special closet full of what she calls festive wear. She subscribes to a music channel that plays Christmas Carols year-round and is likely the only person to have seen all the Holidays Hallmark movies.


After Margo’s mom died of cancer ten years ago, things were rough for a while. Though she would miss her mom forever, Margo made peace with the help of a good therapist. Her dad, however, wasn’t doing so well. Sure, he still ran the family ranch, but he looked like he was wasting away. He refused to sell the place, insisting it was Margo’s legacy, despite Margo repeatedly telling him she has no interest in ranching.


Chase is the main guy at the ranch now. He started at the ranch a little after her mom died and has steadily moved up the ranks to ranch manager. With Chase’s help, the ranch is now more profitable than it has ever been. He’s not keen on Margo’s return for the Holidays. They were hot and heavy a few years back, but she’s forgotten all about him after she moved to LA.


He just needs to be civil for Robert’s sake. If he can make it through Christmas without strangling his daughter, the old rancher might agree to sell him the place.


But Robert has other plans for his two favorite people...

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