Horror lurks in lonely places. Deep beneath the mountains, the hive grows.

Hazel Birnam and her team are investigating occult anomalies in the dark forests of Western Australia. People are missing, dead bodies are piling up, and ancient monsters lurk in the woods. Only she and her team can solve the mystery festering at the heart of Coffinwood.

But as her hometown slips into madness, Hazel may already be too late to stop the evil growing beneath the hills. Whatever is down there, it is hungry. A cult is rising to power on twisted promises, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

If Hazel can't defeat them, she knows that they will open the Gate.

Welcome to COFFINWOOD.

Experience the downfall of Coffinwood through this spiderweb of 15 interconnected horror tales. This collection of terrifying stories blends genres together, including: cosmic, folk, military, and body horror.
Some are heroes. Some are monsters. All are prey.

Praise for COFFINWOOD:

  • "Grabbed me from the first pages and did not let go, so much so that I snuck out my phone whenever I could to read a few more pages." Aiden Messer, author of A Little Collection of F*cked up Things.
  • "Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Hannibal Lecter...With the grit of The Evil Dead.You won't want to miss out on this gritty gem of a story." Erik Teson, author of Sacred Blood.
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