Cold Rush


The Cold (Kuiper Belt) is humankind's last frontier. Corporations scramble to secure the final resources that the System has to offer in a battle against time. Mint is an egocentric veteran mech marine who is recalled kicking and screaming to the front lines to help control an unpredictable but well-connected commander. When she rescues the child of an old friend, she risks her own life for the child's sake and starts a chain of events that culminates in a battle to save humanity. Teenager Jed dreams of being the best pilot in the Solar System, unfortunately, he is the worst pilot in his squad— but by making every mistake possible, Jed eventually becomes part of a top-secret death-defying flight team. Their paths intertwine as they each attempt to capture a priceless exo-asteroid for their respective companies. Chas, a debauched and bankrupt U.N. Director-General, is supposed to keep the peace between the sides, but it seems she never got the memo. Meanwhile, on Mars, Olgo, a ruthless non-binary secret service agent, has their beliefs torn apart after a botched mission to help the deprived Martian people.


Hardship, heroism and villainy are the order of the day as our protagonists strive to secure a better future for themselves. Only that future is more uncertain than anyone could possibly know as the hinterland of the System is about to become the battleground for the survival of the human race.

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