Conquering the Undertow..Learning to Breathe Again

Do you ever feel you are living life just going through the motions? 


Have you ever experienced so much pain that the universe feels completely out of your control? 


What if you could thrive in a world of your own design rather than one merely existing on autopilot? In Conquering the Undertow: Learning to Breathe Again, Suzanne Renee teaches you how to regain passion for your life. As a survivor of multiple traumatic events, she knows what it feels like to believe your circumstances dictate your destiny. Her emotional journey, filled with loss and betrayal, blossoms into invaluable lessons and growth.


This book will inspire those who have experienced or are experiencing the effects of trauma, grief, depression, and sexual assault, Learn vicariously through Suzanne’s story and teachings to better support yourself and others. This heartfelt portrayal shows you how to shift your mindset and live with power and meaningful intention. See how you can turn pain into purpose.

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