Germany invades mainland Britain. Stormtroopers swarm ashore along the South Wales coast to capture the Steelworks and Coal Mines. Newport is blitzed. Danny O’Shea’s house is bombed and his wife is killed. A German motorbike takes a wrong turn down Henry St and the driver is killed by a frantic mob. O’Shea grabs the motorbike and takes his son to his grandmother in Tredegar. They hide the motorbike and walk to the house where they keep out of sight. The Germans find the motorcycle and the search for the culprit begins. Terrified the Nazis will blame him for the soldier’s murder, O’Shea grabs his son and heads to Ireland. But on an isolated road they witness Welsh insurgents robbing some boxes from a German truck. The insurgents capture the O’Sheas and keep them prisoner at an old farmhouse. German Captain Eric Weiss, responsible for the boxes, knows his job - even his life - depends on him getting them back and he unleashes a terrible retribution on the local population.But the insurgents are double-crossed and the boxes disappear. Then O’Shea goes to the aid of a dying woman - and both the Germans and the insurgents believe she’s told him where the boxes are hidden.Suddenly O’Shea is separated from his son and catapulted into a world of betrayal and brutal double-cross. Pursued by both the Germans and the insurgents, his only concern is to find his son and get him to safety.

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