Dating Conclusion (Science Fair, Book Three)

Enemies to Lovers. Small Town Romance. Clean and Sweet.

Cheerleader, prom queen, dating the hottest guy in school: Charlotte is the textbook definition of the class queen bee. Her mum, Ava, is a beauty pageant winner turned consultant who thinks education is for ugly girls and has drummed these ideas into Charlotte’s head since childhood.

Benedict is top of the class in all subjects except PE. When not in the library, he can be found practising with the other debate team nerds. His dad is a stern, humourless man who values knowledge and academia above all else. He made the mistake of marrying a pretty girl with no substance, resulting in utter disaster. Benedict’s mum had long since put Elsebrook in her rearview mirror.

When Charlotte and Benedict are paired for a science competition, they are adamant in their refusal to buddy up.

Charlotte thinks Benedict is an arrogant moron, who clearly has a superiority complex.

Benedict thinks Charlotte is a self-absorbed airhead who thinks she can breeze through life on looks alone.

As it happens, they were correct in their assumptions. Charlotte leaves Benedict hanging on the day of the competition, and Benedict goes on to win first prize. When Charlotte reads about his win in the local paper, she is furious to have been excluded from the project altogether. Benedict is furious to have been made to go alone, and they never speak again following their conflict.

Fifteen years later, fate throws them together again. They’ve changed, grown up. Yet the animosity remains.

Can they leave their past behind in pursuit of something they could never have dreamed of?

Dating Conclusion is the final book in the Science Fair Trilogy. Books must be read in order.

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