Dead Station: Science Fiction Horror

Colonies are going dark at the edge of the solar system. No radio traffic, no calls for help, no asteroid deliveries to the inner worlds. These are the Dead Stations.

Ryka and his crew want one thing: To get paid. So when the Company sends the Blue Fox crew deeper than ever before to harvest ancient asteroids, he doesn’t ask questions. It’s a simple job. Find an asteroid, carve it up, and lug it back to Luna. Just ignore the weird symbols on the walls, don’t talk to the voices in your head, and get home fast.

There’s just one problem: The nearest resupply base has gone dark. It's a dead station. No one is answering Ryka’s hails, and without the supplies they need from Station 86 they’ll never make it back to Luna.

Ryka has to break into the ghost ship, find the supplies, and get out alive. Sounds easy enough. Worst case scenario? He’ll just have to blast some crazy pirates in the face with his laser-cutter. Too bad something else lives on Station 86 now.

Inside the haunted space station, something hungers. Will Ryka and his crew live to see another paycheck?

Praise for Aaron Beardsell's COFFINWOOD:

  • "Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Hannibal Lecter...with the grit of The Evil Dead. You won't want to miss out on this gritty gem of a story." Erik Teson, author of Sacred Blood.
  • "This book grabbed me from the first pages and did not let go, so much so that I snuck out my phone whenever I could to read a few more pages." Aiden Messer, author of A Little Collection of Fucked Up Things

Join Ryka and the crew of Blue Fox as they delve into madness onboard Station 86. Dead Station is a love letter to classic science fiction horror movies and videogames. Inside you'll find :

  1. Dead Station
  2. Dead Station: Hunger
  3. Dinner is Served, The first chapter of COFFINWOOD.
  4. Three pieces of full color art depicting the world of Dead Station and COFFINWOOD.
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