Evil Beneath The Skin

Marie Lång disappears without a trace. Two months later, her body is found in a lake. And the killer left a strange mark. It soon becomes clear that the case is more complex than originally thought, leading the Gävle police team to a group of unlikely friends with a dramatic past, a self-made millionaire and his family, a missing wife and old cases with a remarkable resemblance to Marie's murder.

But inspector Isa Lindström's attention is not entirely on the new case. Still trying to process the impact of the dramatic events on her life, she refuses to accept the official conclusion of the Sandviken case and is determined to bring the real culprits to justice.
The arrival of a new superintendent, who seems to have a hidden agenda of his own, complicates things even further.

Will they be able to untangle the web of lies and drama, and find Marie's killer?
And will Isa finally be able to put the Sandviken case to rest?

Evil Beneath the Skin is the second book in The Find series. If you have not yet read book one, it is recommended that you read this book first. Book two continues the story that began in "The Find".

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