Ghost Stories

Four Creepy YA Short Stories, just in time for Halloween!


A YA Ghost Story

When Silas moves to a remote village out in the boonies over summer break, he's less than overjoyed at his social prospects. Miles away from town with only a rusted bike for transportation, he'd rather stare at his phone than engage. However, when his parents confiscate his phone and tell him to go explore, what he finds is strange and unusual...


The lighthouse keeper takes a two-week vacation every summer, and the town holds a lottery to see who will replace him. Past candidates have either disappeared, died, or come back not quite right, so there hasn't been a volunteer for decades. Until Jake. After reading about the job opportunity in the county paper, Jake applies. Angry at the world, seventeen-year-old Jake is sure that two weeks living in the lighthouse can't be worse than what he has to endure at home. Besides, the town is offering a thousand dollars, free meals delivered, and a mostly quiet place to stay. Jake is sure this is going to be the cushiest job he's ever had.


The house across the street is finally sold, and a couple moves in. While doing her homework, Morgan looks out and sees a guy about her age in the window on the third floor. As he's staring right at her, she waves, but he doesn't wave back. Mortified, she closes the drapes and berates herself for trying to be friendly.

Who's the boy? Why isn't he in school? Why do his parents deny having a son?


What could be creepier than a doll that animates when it's not supposed to?

Based on true events...

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