Good Girl: A Steamy Bad Boy Romance


These men think they have me pegged—a young, beautiful, sweet, naive girl from the country. Their only concern is grooming me to be the perfect escort… arm candy they can flaunt in front of their equally wealthy and high-profile friends. When in reality, what they should watch is their wallets.

People call me gold-digger, sugar baby, or whatever derogatory term they can think of, but I say that I’m an opportunist—a professional at the top of her trade who hasn’t met her match yet.



Kingpin, crime lord, a criminal mastermind… people call me many things. But, if they had any sense at all, they’d say it with respect. Because I’m the one who runs this city. Crushing all those that oppose me without remorse. I’ve been challenged by the best and always come up on top.

So why does this woman think she can run her silly games on me? I think it’s time to show her who the boss really is..

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