Immortal Secret

Vampires can read human minds.

But a vampire has never been able to read another vampire’s mind.

Until now.


As a mortal, Lydia was always different. People always said she was a good judge of character. But she was more than that. She could sense things. She could sense good and bad.


As a mortal vampyre, this power grew. She could even grasp thoughts and visions. As she satisfied her bloodlust her other senses awakened.

And now, as a vampire, the human gift carried over to her new “life”. Now she was the only vampire in the world who could read the minds of the other immortals around her. What would the vampire world do if they knew she existed?

“Immortal Secret” is the fourth novel in “The Mortal Series”. I hope you enjoy this new adventure in my vampire universe.

#vampire #horror #nobubblegumvampiresallowed

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