In Your Dreams: League of the Moon Series - Book 1

Henry is a normal guy living in a town full of magic, bristling just beyond his senses. And that's a problem. He's blind to the malevolent forces lurking on the dark side of his eyelids - watching as he sleeps.

Night after night, he barely escapes a hellish dream. An angry mob chases him through a snowy forest - yearning to burn him alive. And they're getting closer. Now, things are returning with him from that faraway place and time.

Suddenly, it's more than just a dream.

Desperate for answers, he confides in a beautiful, wisecracking, and hauntingly familiar green-eyed witch. Together they must unravel the mystery behind Henry's terrifying dream, because someone needs him to die. And the clock is ticking.

It propels them to a time and place they never could have imagined. Towards a destiny they never knew they shared, and a secret past they never knew existed ...

To battle an enemy too impossible to be real ...

A combination of action, urban fantasy, the paranormal, and more, In Your Dreams is the first volume of the League of the Moon series and will delight fans of EE Holmes and KF Breene looking for a new world of magic, mystery, mayhem, and more. Click “BUY NOW” and get your copy today!

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