Hold onto your hats and prepare for a madcap adventure with the King of England! In "The King's Coronation Caper", you'll follow the King on his journey to Westminster Abbey for his coronation ceremony. But things take a hilarious turn when the King gets mobbed by someone, the crown itself takes a tumble, and a pesky seagull causes chaos.
Will the guards retrieve the crown before it's too late? And can the King and Queen make it to the ceremony in one piece amidst all the craziness? This clever and silly story will have you laughing out loud from start to finish. Join us on this wild ride as we witness the King's coronation caper and discover why this story is the adventure of a lifetime. With unexpected mishaps and clever humour, this book will have you giggling and guffawing with every turn of the page. So don't miss out on the laugh-out-loud adventure of the year - order your copy of "The King's Coronation Caper" today!
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