Loving The Lady (The Lady Series: The Gillingham Collection Book 5)

Loving The Lady is the eleventh regency romance in The Lady Series.

Growing up, Andrew Gillingham paid little attention to Amanda Abbott. Thinking of her only as the neighbour’s bothersome younger daughter, his interactions with her mostly involved rebuking her girlish adoration.

Years later, when they are reintroduced to polite society, Andrew is taken aback. Amanda, fresh out of finishing school, is no longer the shy, lanky slip of a girl he remembered. What’s more is that she seems entirely unaware of how lovely she has become – or that Laurence du Campion has set his sights upon her.

While Andrew cannot find fault with du Campions, a French noble of fine breeding, he finds himself unsettled by the thought that Amanda might return Laurence’s affection upon discovering his feelings.

Is it too late for Andrew to remind Amanda she used to love him? Or has he lost his chance with her forever?

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