Operation: Angel Of Mercy: A Military Fiction

Jack Harris grew up wanting to be an engineer and dreamed of creating the 3D models needed in building schools and churches. So when it came to joining the US military, he chose the less violent style of engineering. He joined the Army Corps of Engineers, specializing in civil engineering in Iraq during 2003.

In March 2003, during the invasion of Iraq, First Lt. Harris was offered a special ops assignment that would change his life forever. He would go it alone, making his way across Iraq with only limited supplies, his wits and training, and his faith in God.

However, Jack soon makes some unexpected friends who devote themselves to traveling with him from Al-Kut to Bagdad, ends up in the hospital, meets the woman of his dreams, and is no longer alone. But Christianity is forbidden in Iraq. How will he survive and protect those he cares about from the Jihad and still keep his heart and eyes focused on Christ?

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