Passion ... Or Prey?

The dark thrill of hunting down his wife to overpower her and slake his lusts draws Felix into a frenzied chase as a powerful storm rolls in. Cara has a head start. She’s fast, she’s clever, and she’s very, very angry. She leads him on a race through the forest and across fields to search for her in the crumbling industrial ruins around an abandoned railroad track.

The hunt is the only thing that Felix and Cara have found to exorcise the mutual demons that periodically threaten their relationship. The rules are simple: they must stay within the agreed boundaries and they must abide by the time limit. They have a safe word that Felix knows will never pass Cara’s lips: “surrender.” 

If he catches her, Felix will have to subdue and restrain her before he can take what he needs and give her what she’s craving. She won’t make it easy for him. Her determination to rip off his veneer of civility to see the man beneath drives her to expose and confront his dark impulses. When she pushes Felix to the breaking point, she may get more than she bargained for. Her traps, evasions, and flight draw out his inner predator, immersing him in a powerfully dark and undeniable hunger. Felix loves his wife deeply, but can he rein himself in when he finally has her bound and helpless?

Passion or Prey explores the tipping point between dangerous impulses and their stabilizing counterparts. It’s a moody thrill ride laced with sexual tension that builds to an explosive crescendo of raw emotion and carnality. The sex is wanton, savage, and utterly hot.


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