A quiet September morning turns into a nightmare when ten people are killed and dozens injured in a senseless massacre. The brutal attack is quickly dismissed as an act of terrorism, but as inspectors Paikkala and Lindström begin to piece together what happened and try to figure out if there's any connection between the victims, more questions arise than answers.
Was this a futile act to create fear and chaos or was there another motive behind the madness?
Then more gruesome murders surface, and for one of the inspectors the case becomes very personal, with old wounds being ripped open. Wounds and memories that were better left untouched.

With the pressure mounting and time running out, the race is on for the Gävle team to find out what connects these seemingly random murders before anyone else dies.

Retribution is the third installment in The Find series and continues the story that began in The Find and Evil Beneath The Skin.

Keywords: mystery, nordic noir, suspense

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