Slippery When Wet's Classic Fairy Tales of Murder and Mayhem

This book contains violence and is for an adult audience
Most of the hardcore classic fairy tales were written by male authors for adult readers and never meant for children.
These retellings of the original disturbing works takes them back to the delectably frightful old school tales they once were before being sanitized by the Brothers Grimm.
Bluebeard's naïve bride is only a cover for his truly brutal fetishes. Rapunzel is the unbalanced spawn of an opium-addicted mother. The Wolf is the least of Red Riding Hood's problems. Meet Sleeping Beauty's twin henchman sons who are a bit off. A product of incest when her own half brother comes upon her helplessly passed out in a coma and takes advantage. Discover the real price Rumpelstiltskin charges for spinning straw into gold.
If you enjoy dark humor with your incest, torture, cannibalism, dismemberment, and other medieval societal pastimes you've come to the right place. These stories are deeply dark with warped sexual encounters and the women in these fairy tales are not the tenderhearted helpless pushovers as in modern-day versions. So come on down to the dungeon, settle onto your Judas cradles and break out your heretic forks and Venetian pears. A delectable feast for true hard core horror fairy tale fans. Each story and many characters are tied together all into one dysfunctional kingdom with a viciously abusive king and many murderous, lascivious and just plain monstrously evil people. This book includes Bluebeard, Rumpelstiltskin, Red Riding Hood,Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel and more. A wicked read

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