Speak Your Way to Wealth: How To Talk To Yourself, So You Can Speak With Others

Conventional wisdom tells us that those who talk to themselves regularly are crazy. The truth is exactly the opposite. Those who make an intentional habit of talking to themselves have clearer thoughts and better communication skills than the rest of us.

In this book, the result of hundreds of client case studies, professional speech and communication skills coach Richard Di Britannia explores why those who habitually talk to themselves conquer their emotions, discover their true opinions, and drastically increase their own influence, while those who persist in 'silent thinking' rarely realise their full potential.

With his technique of 'thought articulation' through extemporaneous speech, Richard teaches his readers, be they shy professionals or seasoned executives, to unleash their own wit, charm and charisma long before they ever need take the stage or wield the microphone. By the time they get there, they will find their voice stronger and their thoughts larger, for "small talk is called so, because it results in small ideas."

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