"THE AI SLAVE" transpires in a future gay society where artificial intelligence has influenced and transformed the age gap relationship between Ada an older lesbian and Katz a younger lesbian who are engaging in a Master/Slave BDSM relationship in this new future gay world.

Living in such a future gay society demonstrates to Katz that if she is ever to live a normal BDSM Master/Slave lesbian life, a life that will be completely defined by her older lesbian master, she must find the inner strength to fight for her master’s very mental health while resisting the temptations of the very BDSM lifestyle she must traverse to gain the love of Ada, the only woman prepared to be her life-long master in this new world of AI BDSM.

Katz and Ada must overcome obstacles, which will regulates their master/slave contacts, interactions, and explorations, most of which have been placed in their paths by themselves or their pasts, in order to love one another. Will their love survive, or will they become yet another feared mental health casualty?


With his new AI Chronicle Series, Paul integrates the Erotic Fiction genre with the Mystery & Action genres producing a futuristic world that will leave you both hot and wondering.



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