The Ashbee Cove Murders

A young father sits in the wheelhouse, going over maps of Ashbee Cove Lake. A young mother prepares dinner in the galley. Two young children run around their luxury yacht, playing Pirates of the Caribbean.
Shots fired from a handgun … A knife piercing innocent flesh …
Before dawn, the next day, this family will be dead.
I’m Monica Wade, private investigator. It’s my job to find out why.

Why is the police force at Ashbee Cove so reluctant to talk? Is it because of its sloppy investigation? Or is it something to do with an ancient Celtic cross discovered in the lake? Enlisting the help of the town’s coroner, Trevor Bowen, Monica sets out to find the link between the murders and the cross. But there is interest in her investigation: Irish mobsters are increasingly intent on acquiring the priceless artifact …

Series information:

The Ashbee Cove Murders is the first novel featuring Monica Wade, PI, who takes the lead in dealing with danger, thugs, and murderers.

With its blend of adventure, mystery, and romance, the series is written to display warmth and wit so readers will enjoy spending time with the prime characters, Monica Wade and her best friend, the flamboyant Andy Weston.

Reminiscent of classic TV shows like Hart to Hart, Remington Steele, and Moonlighting.

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◆ Book 1: The Ashbee Cove Murdersout now
◆ Book 2: The Perfect Strangerout now
◆ Book 3: The Art of Murder: The Shadowman – due April 2022
◆ Book 4: Who Killed Rosemary Bud? – due October 2022

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