The Chapel On The Edge Of The Marshes

Later, we were to walk the beach to search for the sunken forest. In my fevered mind, great, sad pines swayed just beneath the waves, and the brass bells of the forest creatures lured me toward their cold, yellow eyes.Changes are coming to this small Welsh fishing village. Some, such as Helena and Jasper, the local hustlers embrace them. Others, such as Garaint, the grizzled bear of a man who tends the wild cemetery by hand are fighting to keep the old ways untouched by the wealthy arrivants. When one of these incomers, Joshua, unveils plans to open a yoga studio in the disused chapel, Garaint swears to block him. In doing so, he risks throwing open the dark secrets the village has guarded for generations.XK Books are quickly establishing themselves as one of the leading publishers of underground reads in London. Following the success of Énouement and Untied Estates, Demox’ latest Novella-In-Flash is his most unsettling yet.

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