The Perfect Stranger

“Well, isn’t this just peachy! Now I’m involved with a couple of smugglers. Anything else I need to know?”

Is it fate or simply good fortune when Monica Wade meets Rick Dalton on the beach near her Malibu home? When she agrees to join this intriguing stranger on a boat trip with his old friend Dutch Hammer, it’s a decision that sets in motion a precarious chain of events. For Dutch has crossed his old boss, and now the cartel is hunting the three of them. Monica must find herself again—find the resolve she’d all but lost—if she’s to save all their lives as they set sail for Alaska ... not entirely sure of what awaits them there.

Series information:

The Perfect Stranger is the second novel in the series featuring Monica Wade, PI, who takes the lead in dealing with danger, thugs, and murderers.

With its blend of adventure, mystery, and romance, the series is written to display warmth and wit so readers will enjoy spending time with the prime characters, Monica Wade and her best friend, the flamboyant Andy Weston.

Reminiscent of classic TV shows like Hart to Hart, Remington Steele, and Moonlighting.

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◆ Book 2: The Perfect Strangerout now
◆ Book 3: The Art of Murder: The Shadowman – due April 2022
◆ Book 4: Who Killed Rosemary Bud? – due October 2022

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