The Sugar Plum Redux

The Nutcracker meets Buffy meets Die Hard… with a dash of Christmas rom-com mixed in!

Lilla Glass re-gifts us that magical seasonal fae, The Sugar Plum Fairy, all dressed up with some place to go in this deliciously dark comical reinterpretation of The Nutcracker.

The Sugar Plum Fairy has a nighttime job helping children get through their nightmares. She slays their demons with her sharply spun popsicle axe and brash attitude. It’s all so easy for her until one nightmare proves more than she can handle. She needs help... from anyone except her ex-boyfriend! When he takes no for an answer, they set off to help one child take on the Rat King & his cohorts. But a deeper nightmare lies beneath this for one man and his ghosts…

Layered and inventive, The Sugar Plum Redux is full of fun and wit and heart for the holiday season.

The Sugar Plum Redux is featured in the Christmas/Holiday anthology The Bells of Christmas II in aid of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This teaser story is free on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited (or from the publisher, To discover the full anthology, search “The Bells of Christmas II” or find out more about it here in The Sugar Plum Redux.*

*All profits from this book will also go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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