Tropical Love

Forever love is overrated.

Dumped for Hollywood. Kingman Sinclair’s fiancé left him standing on the shore, holding a diamond ring and a vow to never love again.

Eighteen years later, a boat arrives with stage props for his resort’s romcom play. Six-foot-tall male body parts and a mannequin bride whose arms fall off predict disaster. Then the lead actress, Francesca Goodwin, AKA the girl who ditched him, steps onto the pier.

Hello, obvious catastrophe. No one should look that good while carrying a four-foot condom wrapper.


Francesca Goodwin would love to share the truth behind their breakup and revise the scenes of their ill-fated love story.

Except the truth will drop a stage curtain on their heads.

Will Postscript Island offer Francesca and Kingman a second chance?


Tropical Love is a steamy, standalone romantic comedy. A guaranteed sweet HEA and is the prequel in the Postscript Island series.

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