When Grandpa’s Heart Stops

What do you do when a cherished family member has a sudden health emergency? In the book When Grandpa’s Heart Stops, Eddie is very excited to get a visit from his grandpa. But Eddie and Grandpa’s adventures in the woods, turn into a fearful situation when Grandpa suffers a heart attack.

Suddenly, Eddie must find a way of helping his grandpa and letting Mommy know what has happened. Eddie also must overcome his fear of being not knowing how to help his beloved grandfather. Children who read this book will learn how to deal with family members who have surprising and serious illness that affect the things their family member can do. Children will also learn how to deal with the fear that often comes from seeing family members suddenly become very sick and have severe health issues.


Book 2 in the series Eddie and Freddy’s Home Life, was written in a manner that allows parents to discuss the severity of certain health issues in a family.

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