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Trouble uploading cover image

08 Mar 22

I'm new to the site. I completed the book information for Dyslexia Tool Kit Expanded Edition, but then the image of the book cover would not upload. What format does it need to be?

Thanks, Yvonna Graham


Hi Yvonna,

Thanks for getting in touch, I've responded to your email with a couple of suggestions of things to try. I think the issue is that it's not showing the image until you've saved the book - after which point, it should show. I've emailed you some more detailed instructions - but do let me know if it's still not working properly for you!

Edit: I've just tested this myself and have uploaded the book cover you sent me for your book and it seems to be showing now! So I think the problem is the site isn't giving you proper feedback as to what is happening. I'll look into fixing it!

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