Chris Ridett

Chris Ridett

If, like me, you remember the BBC Micro, BBS's and the wonder of connecting to the internet on a 9600 modem, then you've probably been interested in computers and technology for a while. 
To all the others that the above sentence means absolutely nothing, I say, Welcome.
The books i have written on Bitcoin are meant for you, not for the already converted.

My short books are easily understood by those without several decades of technical exposure.

As for my bedtime stories, well, they came from my son and I making up silly stories about the most boring thing we could think of to try and help him sleep. Turns out, Brian the Boring Newspaper shouldn't be taken at face value!

I hope you enjoy any of the books I have written, if so please let me know. 

If you don't, well constructive criticism will be  taken under advisement.

Happy Reading All. 

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