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My name is Ronane, pronounced “row-nan”. (It’s Irish. I am not.) I grew up with a deep love of reading and writing with an affinity for fiction and biographies, though I’ve developed somewhat of an obsession with true crime over recent years. I’ve even compiled a number of short stories in various stages of completion, though I haven’t been brave enough to pursue publishing any just yet!

  • What I edit: humor, crime, short stories, erotica, websites, eBooks, business writing, and blogs (fiction or non-fiction for all)

  • Bachelor’s in business and diverse professional background in IT, human resources, and resume / career coaching. 

  • 8 years of experience writing training documentation, policies, and internal corporate communications in my life as a senior HR professional. 

  • 5+ years as a resume coach has helped me fine tune my ability to let candidates’ voices shine through their writing as they present not only their experience, but their personal brand to potential employers. 

  • Ability to work to expectations and to deadline

  • Pro-LGBTQIA+ reader

  • ACES Certificate in Editing

  • Member of ACES

  • Member of EFA

  • She/her/hers


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