Rob Sanborn

Rob Sanborn

Robert Sanborn has had a long-standing interest and curiosity in the paranormal. Along with his wife Diana and his clairvoyant sister Susan, both Reiki masters and paranormal enthusiasts, (and to whom the book, In Your Dreams, is dedicated), they have explored the paranormal side of life together. And with intriguing results that include several captured EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and many amazing photo captures of paranormal activity.

Robert has been a lifelong reader since the day he finished Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. It was The Stand by Stephen King, which he read during summer vacation between the seventh and eighth grades, when he first thought about writing something of his own. Life happens, things get put on the back burner, but the dream was always there.

His first book, "In Your Dreams" is the result of turning a long-held desire into reality.

Robert lives in North Central Massachusetts with his wife Diana, their sweet-natured dog Coco the Brussels Griffon, their cat Luna the psychotic Devon Rex, and assorted cute little critters.

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