Book Reviewer
NameProvided ServicesGenres of interest
Amanda Gibson, Author beta-reading, Book Reviewer
Amanda-Jane Bayliss Book Reviewer Adventure, Cooking, Travel, Guide How to, Families and Relationships, Childrens, Poetry, True Crime
J.E. Nickerson beta-reading, cover-design, editor, Book Design (ebook), Proofreading, ghost-writing, Book Reviewer
Jill Criddle editor, Proofreading, ghost-writing, Book Reviewer
Kimmell_Kayla Book Reviewer Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Paranormal, Humor, Erotica, Poetry, Historical Fiction, Psychological Thriller, True Crime
Marie Sinadjan beta-reading, ghost-writing, Book Reviewer Fantasy, Adventure, Dystopian, Thriller, Science-Fiction, Childrens, Historical Fiction
PickyBookworm Proofreading, Book Reviewer Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Contemporary, Dystopian, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Paranormal, Science-Fiction, Memoir, Humor, Psychological Thriller
Susan Marie Stolworthy cover-design, Proofreading, Book Reviewer
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