The Pod Tower

It's the winter of 2057—the coldest for nine years. For failed family man Marcus Calvert, however, there are other matters on his mind.
Mistrustful of his government and cynical about change, he has chosen to live beyond the Outer Zones, free from the digital age and a world he no longer feels any affinity towards.
But now his son's future looks bleak, threatened by the very secrecy that even now still surrounds his family's past.
Amid rumours that his own idyllic lifestyle is under threat, Calvert begins a search for the truth, only to discover that everything he has learned since early childhood has been a lie.
On the horizon, Mother City casts its shadow over Sector 21, one he has spent the last twenty years determined to avoid.
But time is fast running out, and that option looks set to expire.

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