Felix Alexander (1976-Present) is a Mexican-born, American-raised novelist and poet of Spanish, Mexican, and Puerto Rican descent.

Acclaimed by readers for his poetic prose, his indie releases have garnered him a little praise and a small, but loyal audience.

Being third-generation military, after a grandfather and two uncles who served in the Korean War and Vietnam War, respectively, Alexander is proud of his service in the U.S. Army and grateful for his experience.

After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, his third year served in South Korea, he embarked on the long and arduous journey of a writer. Having made a name for himself during his tenure serving his country, he vowed to himself and his fellow soldiers that he would answer his true calling.

He lives in Chicago, IL—to be close to his children—a son and daughter. He volunteers to promote literacy among youth with Villament Charities and the VM Mag (vmmag.org). In the evenings he journeys through the portals of his extensive, personal library. When he returns, he immerses himself in his writing, and pursues the scent of his muse.

Books by FelixAlexander
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